All the important questions.



Can I bring a plus one?


Unfortunately, due to space limitation, we aren't able for each of our guests to bring a guest of there own. Please do not bring a plus one unless they are specifically named on the invitation.



Can the kids come?


Again, due to limitations, we ask that other arrangements be made for childcare. There will be a few under 18 family members, but the rest will be adults only.



Is there somewhere I can park?


Yes! The venue has a decent sized car park with plently room for guest.



Is there accommodation I can book?


Unfortunately not. The accommodation on site is reserved for the immediate wedding party. There are however a couple of hotels near by:

Travelodge FK2 0XS

Premier Inn FK1 4S

Macdonald Inchyra FK2 0YB


You will need to make your own way to/from accommodation.





How do I get there?


Its a bit of a tricky place to get to, we suggest you travel via the M9 or follow the signs for Polmot YO then entre the venues postcode.


Polmot FK2 0AB then enter FK1 3AT


If you put the postocde into your maps it doesn't take you on the best roads.




How do I RSVP?


Please wait until we've sent out our formal invitations before completing the RSVPs.


No need to RVSP via post, just RSVP using the link above.


If you can't attend please, let us know using the link or contacting us directly, to allow us to plan accordingly.





What food is provided?


There will be some small bites while photos are being taken. There will be a 3 course meal with choices, an evening buffet, cake and a candy cart!





When do I make my meal choice?


No need to have the tough choice of deciding well in advance, all orders will be take on the day. There will be a veggie option for all courses as default.


If you have any dietary requirements, please speak to Jen or Kevin and we will arrange for the venue to contact you directly.






What time is the ceremony?


The ceremony will begin at 2pm.


Please plan to arrive around 1pm to allow the day to run ontime.






Wedding gifts?


Your presence on the day is all we ask for.


If you would like to give a gift, we are already settled into our own home,  so any contribution to our Honeymoon would be greatly appreciated.


There will be a cardbox at the venue on the day.






Is there a dress code?


No. we don't have a theme and we don't have a specfic colour we want everyone to wear.


We just ask that you wear wedding attire. Kevin will be wearing a kilt if you would also like to.


Our main priority is that your comfortable on the day whatever you decide to wear.