Everyone is arriving and leaving on different days between Sun 22nd-Sun29th September. However all are arriving into Malaga airport. The airport is approx mid way between Malaga city and Benalmadena and lies on a single route rail-line that runs from Malaga to Fuengirola. Although we regularly use this train to get to and from the airport and also Malaga City, it is probably easier to prebook a private transfer, at a cost of approx 20euro for a taxi for 4 people, one way. The airport is only a 20mins transfer away from BenalmadenaI center, and would recommend using "ZIP Transfers."










MALAGA airport is you flight destination 2.5hrs away. Benelmadena is 20mins away by taxi (£20) or train (£2). We will be on hand to assist everyone from the airport to their hotel. From there all the 4 venues are within 100yrd of each other, centerally located and easily walkable for all.



For the Edinburgers

  • Jet 2 fly out daily at 06.35 except a wed and return flights are daily at 21.00, except a wed.  Est price £150pp
  • Ryanair Fly from Edinburgh to Malaga daily at 16.40 and return daily at 21.35. Est price £150pp



For the Weegies,

  • Jet 2 fly out daily at 06.45 except a tue and return flight are daily at 20.45 except a tue. Est price £150pp
  • Ryanair fly from Glasgow to Malaga on a tue, thu, sat and sun at 16.40, same dates on return at 14.00. Est price £100pp



Jan19 may be the best time to look at flights and hotel as its approx 9 month out. We will be keeping an eye on this for you and alert you when deals are out.